Monday, December 05, 2016

The Fifth Mountain - Paulo Coelho (Book)

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The Fifth Mountain - Paulo Coelho

The first bouncer of the year comes pretty late in the year, almost at the very ending unfortunately from one of my all time favorite writers. You see sometimes life can be so cruel - I have much loved his other works but this one totally didn't work for me, not even like a story. Although it had some good glimpses from the history and even crosses the path with his own "The Alchemist" that was the high point of the book as per me - otherwise it was a total bouncer. May be I need to know a bit more about other religions to get a grasp of this particular book or story or may be I will give it a try sometime soon again to see if that changes anything about my opinion on this book. This is what Wiki has to say about the book: For a considerable portion of the story Elijah is very compliant, obeying everything God's angels say. Eventually he realizes that his destiny is not being chosen by him but by God and ultimately, he decides to abide by his own desires and will. In this way Coelho suggests that Elijah was able to reach an ultimate level of spiritual awareness and have the most powerful relationship with God.

I will edit or may be re-write my take after my second reading of the book (soon). 

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