Monday, April 03, 2017

The Kill List - Frederick Forsyth (Book)

The Kill List - Frederick Forsyth.

When you start a book with huge expectations knowing that the Author behind it is a name to fall back on with full trust that he is going to transport you to a thrilling world with a chase you are never going to forget. Unfortunately by the time you reach mid-ways - you know it isn't working the way it was expected and by the time it ends - you totally feel that this isn't his best work and you have definitely read way better than this one for sure in the past - Does that happens with you too? This book came highly recommended by two of my friends who I can trust with my eyes closed when it comes to books and Frederick Forsyth right from my college days has been a personal favorite too. I wanted to start again with his books starting from his latest (guess this one is the last he wrote) unfortunately felt not that impressed - it works but fails on more counts to keep me engaged looking forward to more, also was a bit predictable at times. Anyways I am going to go ahead with some of his earlier works yet again as I know he had thrilled me big time back then.

Fortunately the story is way too relevant in today's time and was very well able to transport me back in time to get the facts refreshed in my mind and straight comes to the point - You see no hanky panky stuff in a Forsyth book. "The Tracker" is chasing a Hate "Preacher" who is killing people by dozen all over the world especially in US of A and in Britain with his speeches to his Jihadi followers. "Ariel" is a hacker who can get into a system with the drop of a hat although he doesn't go out of his cocoon ever. Tracker totally my favorite character of the book has a personal score too to set with the Preacher and how he does it all with the help of so many other good guys all across the globe makes up for a good Cat and Mouse chase story but not a great one as I said, something was seriously amiss. Although I was able to finish it in flat 3 days and almost lost the book while travelling fortunately the too good cab driver found me to give it back (altogether a different story) and I was able to finish it.

Now after reading a "Steel(y)" thriller I need a mushy old school romantic book to change the mood. Unfortunately the gloomy memory of my earlier read "The Handmaid's Tale" still refuses to go off my mind - so picking up a hardcore romantic tear feast I believe.

Do let me know if any of Frederick Forsyth book that DIDN'T work for you So I will stay away from it as well and which is your favorite (my all time favorite will of-course be "The Day of The Jackal").

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