Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nights in Rodanthe - Nicholas Sparks (Book)

Nights in Rodanthe - Nicholas Sparks.

I don't know why but it is always tough for me to read one book from an Author, love it and not read the next :), I am sure it happens with all of you. As I had to take a little break and travel too, couldn't travel with much load, decided to pick up my Kindle and read one of those light reads in which I can take couple of breaks in between (breaks). So, it had to be a Nicholas Sparks book as I recently finished of his earlier works and liked it too. Now, this one is a totally different (not actually) from what he writes, again a superb love story although both the leads are in their middle age, heck who cares when it comes to love. Yet, it appealed to me so much that just couldn't take my mind of the story, happenings, characters and what not. Also, it helped me loads to know that it had been adapted long back into a movie starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane :) need I say more that it became another unputdownable and again as the fate will have it, I will be watching the movie yet again and go emotional some more. What's a love story if it doesn't have a couple of twists (subtle ones may be) but they need to be here and after my experience of "Message in a Bottle" I am sort of ready to take up anything from him now and nothing shocks me, Yes! it does makes me sad to not to have my kind of ending. But then everything predictable and straight forward will make it boring too like my friend told me sometime back :) and I had to agree.

Read this, if you believe in love at first sight :), read this, if you believe that love can happen anytime, with anyone. Read this, if the meaning of love for you can be, not being together or you may not always get what you so much wish and desire, deserve is another word altogether so lets not even go there. Read this, if you have ever loved someone and lived to tell the tale. And I can give you 100 more reasons to read this as the memory of the book, characters and their story still lingers on even when it has been 48 hrs that I have finished it. Regretting so much to have read a digital version, it looks weird to keep the Kindle on my chest (right above my heart) and I refuse to get up to start a day :). Paul Flanner is a surgeon (in his mid 50's), recently divorced, having differences with his son, with a patient dead leaving a black mark on his profession, while his life goes nowhere, he is kindda slowing down - meets Adrienne (almost same age), a single mother of three, whose husband has left her for a much younger female, coping with her own daughter's depressing life. This is a story that she narrates to her daughter in flashback and how the reader is taken on the beautiful journey their short love story is, makes up for a terrific engrossing read. What happens in the course of a weekend in Rodanthe, as Paul is visiting his dead patients husband (not sure if he should) and Adrienne is filling up for her friend taking care of the Inn her friend owns while Paul stops by for a weekend while a storm passes by. Its just a "Wow" book. I so much want to see the movie now but not sure if it will leave the same taste as the book does, may be I will give it a go couple of weeks down the line. But I am not ready yet to watch the story onscreen with two of my all time favorite Actors playing the characters I loved.

Do let me know if you have read this and liked it (or hated may be). I totally loved it. And again I will recommend a Nicholas Sparks book to everyone as I move on to another set of heavy reads keeping his others works safely tucked in somewhere far from me till I take another break and grab one (or couple) of them :).

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