Monday, October 09, 2017

Keep Calm and Mommy On - Dr. Tanu Shree Singh (Book)

Keep Calm and Mommy On - Dr. Tanu Shree Singh.
I still remember 12 years back one December morning when my wife gave me the breaking news "I think I am pregnant", my first reaction was "WHAT??", "Why, I mean how? Are you sure? We don't even have a car yet?". "You think we are ready for a baby?". Seriously, no jokes. But as the news sank in, I started my research, got loads of book on what to do and what not to, during those days, which was the easy part. As there were so many books and information available that by the time she delivered my darling daughter, I was actually ready to stand near the delivering doctor as if I could assist her too :D. Imagine what good books can do to you. But the real struggle started once the baby grew up to 3+ years. Till the time they don't walk, run, talk and go to school, life is simply great but the havoc starts when they go out and mingle with outside world then the trouble starts and starts a new education for us parents as what and how to do the right thing. It got me thinking what actually is the right thing to do? Unfortunately there were no books available at that time on the subject (hardly any) but now after reading this one I can very well vouch that this is the perfect book helping parents while their kids reach and cross that challenging teenage and enter into the adults world. As I read this one through, kept thinking why something like this wasn't available then :) it would have made our life so easy.
Keep Calm and Mommy On (you can replace the mommy with the daddy very well), was a terrific joyride. Fortunately may be the Author's background or thinking or the way she perceives things was a terrific match with my own thinking or my background and the way my parents has brought me up (they still take my class) - it did feel "been there done that" thing. As my Mom always (read ALWAYS) had the same attitude as Tanu Shree has in her narrative and the way she handles the issues before they blow out of proportions. In today's challenging and competitive environment where our children are taking more brunt than us parents, this is an eye opener of sorts especially for those parents who are still a part of the rate race and the one's who are living in the future and messing with their kids present which can be so beautiful. I am glad to have come across this and it gives me a superb confident feeling that I am doing a lot of things perfectly right as she guides. When it comes to choosing Arts over Science, or No TV and Gadget (limited may be), understanding your children's requirements, Needs VS Wants, the most important aspect of parenting - Communication, when to say "No" and that too with total confidence and frankly. Superbly analysed and served in the most interesting (Hilarious) way for its readers. This is one of those very few "Self Help" books which indeed put a big wide smile on my face throughout its course and every-time I finished one topic or chapter, I will close the book, think of the same episode in our own household and have a grin on my face from ear to ear to know that we are not alone, almost all of us parents are travelling in the same boats (directions may be different).
When I bought this book and while it wasn't delivered I was thinking. Can parenting really be taught by a book? And I realized three decades back I had come across a plethora of books on English Speaking, Boxing, Judo, Karate and what not. Although none of them helped me become any better. But this is one book that I would love to share with all my friends who have young kids, heading for that teenage we all dread (parents) and take the journey as Dr. is advising with the right dose of humor. It may not make you any smarter but will surely give you some real good pointers and responses when you are going to get asked those questions which you have no responses to so far. Also, it has loads and loads of book references as expected :). So if you want to know what more to read, even that is pretty much very well covered and addressed in here. On top of that its such a breeze, light read and short, that it gets over in no time. Makes me wonder can there be a sequel ;) who knows, she may come out with some like "Keep Calm Here Come's The Daddy". If you have read this, do share your thoughts but if you haven't, you've got to read it.

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