Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Thriller / Super Hero

Disclaimer: Chris Nolan is one of my favorite Directors and Batman is one of my favorite Super Heroes. I love em both and I loved the Trilogy (Batman Rises Included) – read further if you have no issues with someone bragging about it: What a man (Nolan), what a movie (Dark Knight Rises) and what a damn good guy Wayne (Batman / Chris Bale) is. Totally Fantastically Awesome. Again, like all other Nolan movies – this movie’s built up is too long yet once that’s taken care – there is no looking back and you know it before it does that Dark Knight has to rise and save his city / world at any cost and how he rises – is simply mind-blowingly amazing. Right from the beginning – when the masked man is introduced to us with that Airplane hijack stunt and how he captures that scientist amidst mid air – is adrenalin pumping stuff – although it did made me smile ear to ear – but I kept asking for more and wasn’t impressed that much as I would be at least from Mr. Christopher Nolan’s standards. But there is too much to come so – no worries yet. Bruce Wayne may not be that charming like Ironman, he may not have powers like a spidey but when he says something with that dress / mask on – you better pay attention – it gives me Goosebumps when I hear him speak from the dark and appear in flesh with shining eyes.

Although we had a damn better introduction of him in first part with a brief on his car and emotional side. Had a damn great earth shattering experience in the second with an equally or shall I say a Joker who was better than him with that Car cum Bike of his in second. Third one has hardly anything new to offer – almost nothing – no new gadgets even – yet – I was hooked to it cause it had enough with a young cop leaving no stone unturned in saving the city’s people, Gordon bed ridden but unstoppable still, Batman supported by beautiful and mischievous Cat woman, Fox back to help him with gadgetry, Alfred fired yet caring. What all one wants in a movie? C’mon dude – be happy that you get to see how it ends. The villain – masked man – is again heavy on Batman this time – as he kicks his ass big time and almost kills him – I wonder why he leaves him to live or shall I say to rise again. That particular scene where Wayne tries to get out of that well and fails, had me on the edge of the seat and I prayed he succeeds next time. When he does it a second time without harness and gets stuck half way on one stone and bats fly all across him – all the Batman fans knew it – he is going to go out this one time and how he does is simply amazing, you’ve got to see it to believe it. How it all ends had my throat choked – even wifey couldn’t believe it and kept elbowing me – “Are they going to kill him? As this is the last part of the series may be?” – I kept shaking my head in disbelief from left to right as I couldn’t speak literally. SPOILERS AHEAD: When I finally see Alfred – again in that restaurant waiting for his dream to fulfill with a faint smile and shake of head – I take a sigh of relief that yes!!! He is alive and gets a better life. This indeed became one of those few movies – which had me smiling with tears in my eyes and we bid adieus to our favorite Super Hero – till world needs him back – he has to Rise again in the very near future.

As one of my very good friend, advised me to see the first two installments in advance before going for the final. I am glad I saw them back to back in last two days and it made a big sense – it did had a connect and made it easy for me. Nevertheless – if you haven’t seen them – you will still enjoy it as an individual movie for sure. The only thing you need to understand is – his movies are smooth, slow, a little dark, may require your attention too at times but will never disappoint you. I am already up for a second helping with friends tomorrow – who have missed it so far. I actually want to know of those guys who complained that they couldn’t understand what masked man was saying – “Dude, did u see it on a pirated copy?” it was totally clear to me – I had no issues understanding him at all, rather I loved the way he spoke with that mask on. Nothing in this movie turned me off – I totally loved it and will recommend it to one and all as a must watch thriller – not to be missed at any cost. Yes, they could have done a little better with Cat Woman on board but that’s alrite – she gets to do it some other day. Commissioner Gordon that too bed ridded for that long while his city is gone to criminals is a little over done – I didn’t expect him to be on bed that long – but that’s alrite – some liberty given to the Director. Bane’s story too is good and the way twist comes by the end – it does surprises you. I was anyways expecting Ra’s Ghul to make an appearance in this one – I was literally glad to see it happen. Although, couldn’t predict it – my guesses were all wrong. All said and done – I am going to miss my favorite Batman for as long as they make another one on him. But now, I am glad to have another Trilogy in collection with 10 hours of damn good footage and action. Looking forward to a long weekend when I can see all three of them back to back.

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