Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Il Mare (2000) - Korean Movie

Another fantastic Korean movie – a total delight as far as the subject, visuals, cast, background score and even a couple of songs – which unfortunately I couldn’t understand due to the language and no subtitles – although the movie is with subtitles but they don’t run them for background songs – how sad is that. I saw its American version "The Lake House (2006)" last year – starring two of my favorite actors from Hollywood – Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Still I would rate this higher than its American counterpart in content and visuals; I believe Koreans make better movies than Americans for sure – when it comes to content and quality. It is actually a "time-transcending love Story", Imagine two protagonists living in two different times are able to communicate with each other – guy is in year 1998 living in a house where the same girl stayed but is now in year 2000 staying at an apartment which is under construction during his time (1998). Confused? We too were and till this evening we both debated our part of stories – but the question is – will they ever meet? Would they be having any memory of each other if they meet in 1998 or in 2000? You’ve gotta watch it to know what happens and trust me – is too good.
The House The Movie: Starts with the guy moving in to a sea side house called Il Mare meaning “The Sea”. He gets a note in the letter box from a girl who stayed their previously, requesting the new tenant to forward her mails to the new address but to his surprise the note was dated as year 2000, whereas the time that he lives and moves to this place was still year 1998. He takes it as a joke played by some one on him – moves on to live in the house and even finds a little dog too which he keeps gladly as a companion. He lives a reply note in the letter box and realizes after a couple of communications that they were indeed able to write each other even after a gap of two years in their times. They can even share some stuff like a tape recorder and fishes during the course of communication. They keep writing each other – almost fall in love too but since they could never technically meet – give up on love and stay friends. It’s actually fantastic to see that they do cross each other in real life too but since the girl has no memory of him in year 1998 – they are not able to communicate. Through their letters the girl sends the guy to an amusement park with instructions what to do – how to have a good time – he does and is quite happy. Similarly he sends her to a restaurant where he books a wine bottle to be opened two years later from his time and she gets it too in the same place. At one point they do set up a date and time where they plan to meet – but unfortunately they couldn’t.
We saw this movie together and almost paused it couple of times to debate – me and my wifey actually had a great time watching it as both of us had our own views to share on the same – wifey called it technically flawed but as we reached the ending – we were actually convinced that – yes – it is technically true too – but that again – is quite debatable. Finally, the girl remembers at one point that she indeed saw an accident sitting in a restaurant while a guy was run over by a car – she realizes it was the same guy – she’s been communicating, who was coming to meet her on that fateful day. She tries her level best to reach the lake house and leave a note for him to not to turn up on the day of the accident. We were totally hooked to see – whether the guy gets the note or not – will she is able to save him? The more important thought was – whether they will meet ever? You’ve got to see the movie to get answers to all those questions and I guarantee you – even after you finish the movie – you will be discussing about the same about its ending. We were talking about the same till the evening and reached to a conclusion that – it is possible but quite a fun watch. Must not be missed by any drama cum love story lovers – you will surely enjoy it.

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