Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Good Road (2013) - Gujrati

Curiosity kills the cat – as it is said – we had to see it after all the controversy of winning the national award in India and being sent as the official entry from India for Oscars. And I must say – it isn’t a bad movie at all – I personally liked it and found it almost at par with “The Lunchbox” if not better. My wife too liked it more than Lunchbox but it definitely isn’t worth sending to Oscars – that’s for sure, it should sink without a trace and if it gets anything more than that – it will be shocking for us. Yes, it will create some buzz at the academy as it again shows the same stuff, child labor, prostitution, sad state of law and order etc. Three simple stories cross each other’s path on a highway – its predictable right from the very start and you can guess everything what is going to happen next still makes up for a simple viewing. Sonali Kulkarni is good as the tense mother of a child missing on the highway, Ajay Gehi as per me was the wrong choice – doesn’t fits the bill – the guy who played the truck driver is way too good than him, although he looks like a real time driver more than an actor, his cleaner too is perfect fit. But the movie belongs to two kids here who are actually lost on the highway and need to reach their destination – how they reach and change lives of couple of people on the way is movie all about. I guess without winning the national award – this would have sunk like any another movie with no trace still its quite a breeze (only 90 Minutes) and can be called a movie worth watching once. I will rate it an average 2.5/5 with no expectations at the Academy.

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