Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Prisoners (2013) - Suspense Thriller

I haven’t seen a better suspense thriller in past couple of years which is brutal, violent, engrossing, shocking, gets straight to the point, have so many “Oh Shit – My God” moments and is almost 150 minutes long yet it keeps the audience hooked to the edge of the seats. Although if you have graduated to Alfred Hitchcock / suspense movies of yesteryears – you will definitely be able to pin point couple of things but that’s that – still I totally loved it and hats off to the Director for choosing perfect cast as well. I had no expectations from Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki – superbly played by him – loved the way he blinks. Hugh Jackman is anyways one of my all time favorite actor and could never miss a movie with him in it and this one is simply one of the best he has done in a long long time. The film is about abduction of two young kids and the resulting search to find them. Cops, Detective Loki and and Keller (Jackman) do their own operations to find the culprit – there are couple of sub plots which run throughout and kept us guessing but when they finally meet in the end – it’s too good. Even the background score is haunting – loved the bass part. As a friend highly recommended this one over “Elysium” – I am now glad that I saw it ahead of it although it isn’t for the weak hearted as its definitely going to give everyone some real good chills down the spine. If you like Suspense Thrillers – you are going to love it, do not miss it at any cost. My rating – a damn good 4/5 and a must watch recommendation.

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