Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Fountainhead (Book)

Finally! Finished it on third attempt - may be I was too young to pick it up earlier. What an amazing book - as told by so many people that it indeed is a life changing book - no denying that. What a guy "Howard RoarK' turns out to be - the image book makes - it simply refuses to go off my mind. 
Not only Roark - it actually gives you a couple of more very nice characters and their amazing journey to a fantastic end.
The last 150 pages are simply unbelievably engrossing and unputdownable.
If you haven't read this one yet? You've got to pick it up and finish it right away.
One of the best books I ever read and now I am doubly inclined to pick up "Atlas Shrugged" ASAP.

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