Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Secret of the Nagas (Book)

I am not into Mythology anyways but since I got my hands on this "Shiva Trilogy" - let me tell you - first its just "Unputdownable". Have finished the second part in a jiffy and I must tell you - its just a mindblowing book guys!! What an amazing writer this guy is - totally engrossing, thirlling and earth shattering story. I had no idea before going thru these books as what awaited me but now I know a lot about Indian mythology (i am sure he has done his research before coming out with his theories and so far no one has shot him down confirming my belief on his books). 
Guess you need to read these to believe me.
I am totally hooked and already looking forward the the final book of the trilogy followed by his fourth book on Lord "Ram".

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