Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand (Book)

This became almost the thickest book in the history of my reading to be completed in the fastest possible time (I guess the thickest will be "Gone with the wind' which again I loved totally). And I must say what an amazing piece of literature this one turns out to be which took the test of all my patience still kept me hooked and ends with a note where I actually was looking forward to another 50-60 pages that I should have gone and told us readers more. If you have read her other book (The Fountain Head) - it is actually very tough to decide who the reader likes (loves) more between "Howard Roark" and "John Galt" the way she has sketched these two immortal characters is seriously top notch - am totally bowled over.
Written with the times of Economic and Industrial Apocalypse of the world (specially America) in background because of some corrupt people - its too good and gives a thorough lesson on what the humanity should not go through. It is written in such details as I mentioned earlier that takes a good test of one's patience but I guess it was required as by the time it comes to the end - it all makes big time sense and the length does total justice with the characters. I guess that is one of the reasons why no one has attempted to make a movie on this one yet - adjusting all that in 3 hours of run time will be practically impossible.
It will now remain as one of my all time favorite book that I will highly recommend to those serious readers who love reading "Life Changing" books. If you have read it - I am sure you would know what I mean and will agree with me too. I so much am looking forward to her other works (wishing she had written more).

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