Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Satyajit Ray - The Inner Eye - Biography of a Master Film-Maker - W Andrew Robinson

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The Inner Eye

Started reading it and I just want it never to end.
If you have read it or if you have loved any of his works (I saw them all back to back last year) and have blown away like I did. You will know what I am going through right now.
This one is a encyclopedia on Cinema (World Cinema).
A must must read for all "Cinema" lovers.
Let me finish, cherish, delve in it some more and come back with my thoughts.
Imagine he was inspired / touched deeply by Kurosawa's "Roshomon" - And it is just unbelievable to read what Kurosawa thought of Ray's first movie "Pather Panchali" and his other works - Kurosawa Said: ‘Not to have seen the cinema of Ray
means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.’ I just cant imagine what Ray must have gone through reading those terrific words from someone he looked up to for inspiration is simply "WOW".

Unbelievable is the legend of Satyajit Ray who brought India its first Oscar and guess who pushed the Academy to honor him with one? Martin Scorcese in company with Ismail Merchant.
This book is like a encyclopedia on Ray not (Only) because of what it contains but also because of its last 70+ pages dedicated to his Filmography, Writings, Articles, Radio Shows etc. They have lined up almost everything he has done in his life with full credits to everyone. Thats what makes it a collectors item.

But the most important part of this Biography is that it makes sense (more of it) to those who have seen his movies - As I mentioned I saw them all back to back some time ago - they all came flashing in my memory as I read about their making in the book.

Do not miss this at any cost.
Go get it and love him more.
Now that I have finished a book on him - Time for me to read his books. 

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