Saturday, April 16, 2016

Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt (Book)

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Angela's Ashes

Highly inpired by "The Diary of a young girl", the miserable chilhood of Frank McCourt (Author) in his own words - starting from his 4th year till 19th. A very painful story of the whole family's struggles from America to Ireland and his journey back to States. It was a breeze of a read as excellently written - the way they speak is the way he has written it. It took me no time to finish this one - although it isnt half as good as Anne Frank's diary as that is out of this world - but still is pretty good in comarison. I wonder what is with these authors - what have they got against India that we are always shown in bad light - cant deny the references as they are actually true even today but it breaks my heart to read all that crap.

A good one time read though. 

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