Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chanakya's Chant - Ashwin Sanghi (Book)

Since I read the "Shiva Trilogy" by Amish - got hooked to this kindda books, After reading all of him - moved on to Ashwin Sanghi as he too have written quite a few related to Indian mythology. 
Now in comparison to Amish - Ashwin's pace is furios and this one like his first work (Rozabal Line) is no less then a perfect thriller - Imagine I finished it in flat two days (About 440+ pages). Chanakya has always remained one of my favorite characters from history - the king maker and this one is written in two parallel plots - One the Original Chanakya and his story with a parallel track of a Pandit who has got the powers of Chanakya in modern time - How? you've got to read the book. The theory given by him as how to get that is amazing and once you read the book - you tend to actually believe it and calculate how to achieve it too wink emoticon.
Even otherwise - it works like a perfect thriller with so much going on at a break neck pace that its simply impossible to put it down. Am glad that I picked it up over a lazy weekend and finished it in a jiffy. Now moving on to his next work on the life of "Krishna" another of my favorite character from Indian mythology.

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