Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dying To Be Me - Anita Moorjani (Book)

71/100 of #100bookpact Dying To Be Me - Anita Moorjani
My dad got this book as a part of his Theosophical reads and I had to read it because of its intriguing title and story associated with it. Based on the near death experience of Anita Moorjani herself - who got detected of Cancer in 2004, fought for four years, Almost died in the end, was in Coma for a day followed by her Miraculous out of body experience, healing and complete recovery. She lived to tell her experience which finally came out in the form of a book. This is one book which we may believe it or not but happens to be a true story as everything mentioned in the book is a part of Near Death Experience (NDE) is part of an ongoing research going on right now to find a cure for the dreaded disease. Her theory is totally something new that I ever read in relation to the disease, reasons, symptoms and her belief on the recovery is I guess hard to believe but cannot be discarded either. Unfortunately we too have seen at least half a dozen deaths in our own immediate family and friend circle in the last two years by one or the other form of Cancer. It was quite an enlightening book on the subject (I guess that's why my Dad got it in the first place) and I actually found and liked the content. She mostly stresses in the entire narration of her own story to be ourselves, just be happy and cheerful for being here, experience life as it comes, no targets, no big time ambitions, she isn't telling us to retire mountains although but is very clear in setting up the expectations from oneself to be happy and content in life then running after something which we cant achieve and leading to sadness and more stress leading to further bad outcomes in the form of diseases. It definitely worked as a wonderful little book of self help for me as most of its content, experience, belief is what I had read earlier (in other words of various philosophers) making my pact stronger that we humans are yet to find our purpose on this planet :). I am sure people's approach towards life is definitely changing and it will change big time in the very near future - people like Anita Moorjani are doing the right thing of enlightening more of us lesser mortals to go in the right direction if only we just listen to them, but it is highly debatable too and can be countered very easily. Nevertheless its a fundoo read if you are interested in the subject, I will definitely rate it 3/5 and recommend it too. Its a breeze as even in size its hardly 200 pages long.

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