Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins (Book)

65/100 of #100bookpact The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins
Debut novel from the Author and what a fantastic book n story it turns out to be. I got it long back but had kept it in store as movie based on the book is about to release in September hence picked it up this weekend and because of the pace I had to finish it within 24 hours as told by friends who recommended it. A perfect weekend thriller - its so good and engrossing and written in a way that I had to go back the story to check on the dates the things were happening at a frantic pace. Three parallel tracks or I should call it versions as told by the three leading ladies of the book but of the same episode. How everything leads to where it goes is a fantastic way of writing it - although it takes time to realize whats happening but once the reader has picked up the pace there is no looking back. The main story is told by Rachel who travels daily on the same train to her job in the morning and back in the evening - track runs through one of her old house where her X husband lives with his new wife. It also overlooks another house nearby where a couple lives and she makes her own story about what they must be doing, how their life must be etc - she has no idea what she is going to see one day from the moving train and how it will change her life - entangled with these guys and the chaos after that. Superb! Now I am big time looking forward to upcoming movie with very high hopes. PS: If you have read this one and the "Gone Girl" - do let me know if it made you think of that story parallely. For some reason it kept reminding me of Gone Girl throughout the narrative - although they have no similarities barring one thing but still it kept coming to my mind.


Che Guevara on the Road said...

Good review... You didn't reveal the plot and yet have explained it beautifully... I enjoyed the book immensely and the movie was decent too...


Unknown said...

Absolutely that's the idea.
And thanks for the comment brother :).