Monday, October 24, 2016

By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept - Paulo Coelho (Book)

83/100 of #100bookpact By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept - Paulo Coelho The best thing about a Paulo Coelho book is that they deserve multiple readings and every-time you read one of his books, they make more sense then they made it the last time. I am sure this isn't the first time I picked up this one as it did feel "been there done that" throughout the story but still made a lot of sense. Another fantastic philosophical or theosophical or spiritual read you can call it, told in the simple manner of a love story or the journey of two lovers but I guess how it ends is he has already given away by the title. Story of two school time friends, who grew up together in Soria (a city in north-central Spain), the guy goes away, they keep in touch through letters, finally he comes back after 12 years and the story moves as they go through a journey and spend some days traveling together. More details on what he did during their separation, how and why he became a spiritual healer, what all he has learned, lost, found etc. Now the big questions was - whether she and her love is going to hold him back from his duties that he thinks he is here for? Is she going to sacrifice the love of her life who she has found after so long finally to fulfill her dream of living with him the house on a hill? One of the most beautiful love stories as it progresses, I have ever read so far. What an amazing week they had together, learn so may new things about each other even after knowing everything else for so many years. The concept of God being a female, although nothing new for us but I guess its a big thing when it comes from Catholics because they don't believe in God being a woman. This is another little book of wisdom which needs to be read again and again to grasp its whole meaning. To tough to make any sense in just one read - I am sure of that and will keep it in my collection for re-reads. I am not surprised why almost every alternate book that I read talks more or less about our purpose on this planet and they all talk about the same stuff, Live life, be happy, spread happiness, live in today, dream and make them possible, experience life thats all there is to do, no other thing. But still we don't get it and get back to our nine to five lives.

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