Thursday, October 06, 2016

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - J K Rowling (Book)

77/100 of #100bookpact Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - J K Rowling Last of the series (7th Book) and its shockingly the end of the terrific journey so far I had with Harry Potter and his friends. Just couldn't believe that I have come to the end of the road and as I picked up the book in my hand it was another shocker of sorts - mere 500 pages. Hows JK Rowling going to end up everything in only these many pages was my first doubt. I still cant believe that its just a month back I had no idea of this guy and now I am so engrossed in his story that I did't want it to ever end, but as all good things come to an end - this had too as well. Shockingly in the last book Dumbledore was killed while attempting to capture one of the Voldemorts Horcruxes (captured piece of soul), as if One Voldemort wasn't enough now we have 5 more to kill in this one. As his soul was ripped in 7 parts, out of which Dumbledore and Harry has killed one each, now Harry has to get 4 more hidden souls (with no idea where they were dumped or hidden by Dark Lord) and no Dumbledore at his disposal to throw more light on his upcoming adventure. Also, he is now 17 and an Adult as per the magical worlds rules, last year of Hogwarts before they pass out. How he is going to go from here and how he is going to defeat Lord Voldemort's army of death eaters including his hidden four more souls before making him mortal and killing him is the rest of the book.
As I prepared myself to read this one before going through the two movies they made on this - I was bracing or rather preparing myself that lots of people (all my favorite) are going to get killed as of-course story is coming to an end and it will ask for sacrifices from both the sides. What an amazing (yet again) start this one has - totally thrilling and unbelievably fast paced not giving any opportunity to the reader to think of anything but Harry and his world, right from the word go straight to business. Of-course there are good moments too thrown in between for some respite for reader like Hermione and Ron's love story finally coming to a conclusion. Dumbledore's will and his own dark story which comes as a surprise not only to Potter but to the readers too. Taking it ahead to the final conflict with some new twists and turns and deep dark secrets, almost everything gets opened up in this one - I am sure this book must have been one heck of a discussion point between its fans back then - even now I guess. No ways they could have justified this whole book in one movie - hence they made two and after reading the book I am convinced hopefully they will finally do some justice to the final book. I must say after finishing it off and watching the movies too - what a befitting ending this one was to the entire series. Totally amazing work. Even the movies turned out to be beautifully made - almost leaving nothing out of the book - were able to do justice to the book (Although I will still maintain that the book was better). After the superb ending and Epilogue - just couldn't believe that Rowling is going to end it just like that. I can definitely feel that there will be a coming back for Potter (kids and family may be) in another couple of years. And I am sure readers will definitely look forward to his future journey - at least I am looking forward to it.

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