Thursday, January 26, 2017

Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer (Book)

Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer
Book 1/7 of Clifton Chronicles
The book (read the series) came highly recommended by a friend from the master story teller. As I have read quite a few of his books - got all excited and picked up the first few books but let me tell you this right after I have finished the first one in flat 72 hours that there no freaking way out of this series now. Guess I need to get the balance 4 books like NOW to finish them off back to back leaving everything else in my hands pending. Like they say "Once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan". The protagonist of this book and series (I hope) is Harry Clifton, just couldn't stop myself from drawing parallels with Harry Potter. If you have read the book I am sure you will agree that both the Harry's do have an uncanny resemblance. Although this Harry does have a mother unlike the Potter who had no parents, both have an Uncle who we do not like initially as a little negative type character, both of two good friends to die for and one of them has to be rich. Also, he has to fall in love with his best buddies sister (more on that later). They both go for a kind of boarding school to go forward in life and even schools (although no school of magic here) still make you feel similar but by the time first book ends - I guess the similarities too come to an end. Do let me know if you have read the book - did you too have the same feelings or is it me only :).
Superb story of ups and downs in the life of Harry Clifton right from the day he starts understanding things, told in the most thrilling fashion as is the case with all Archer books. He makes you develop such an everlasting connection with his protagonists that you just cant help but feel for him so much. Totally loved the way his life starts, so much struggle by so many people who love him like anything and how it all criss crosses to take the story forward ending in a mind-blowing way that you will race to pick up the second from the series to know where he goes from the first one. Son of a widow with almost no future, how his life changes once voice of a singer is noticed by his school teacher and he uncovers the truth behind his father's death in war is the story in the first book. Also the dark secret behind his birth and roots is simply superb, it can be guessed or predicted but how it all builds up and comes crashing on Harry Clifton is unbelievable, I totally loved the timing and handling. His journey from the elementary school to Oxford, from licking a bowl of porridge to having a full meal, from a choir singer to Royal Navy and finally from Britain to America but how it ends is like leaving the reader on tenter hooks. Even the background is too good with world on the verge of another world war adds up more spice to the already thrilling story.
A must read for all thriller lovers and I hope and guess the entire series is going to be a fantastic journey for myself (just like Harry Potter books).

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