Tuesday, January 24, 2017

She Walks She Leads - Gunjan Jain (Book)

She Walks She Leads - Gunjan Jain
What could be better then getting introduced to the Author by a very dear friend (you know who you are :)) got the book home delivered to be read and reviewed - life cannot just get better then that can it? I anyways love biographies and this had a plethora of them that too from the Indian subcontinent. Who haven't heard these names? but the question is that how they became what they are and the untold stories behind each one of them - such an inspiring and eye opening experience it became for me. Each celebrity named in the book has her own story to tell not in greatest and minutest details but its good enough for me as almost 25 - 30 odd pages are dedicated to each one of them and the cherry on top is the interviews of their Husband's, Parents, Family or Mentors in the very end. Superb Idea and great execution I will say. Also it is a perfect book for someone's collection plus the copy I got is huge in size with a hard cover on top - makes it more eye candy on my book rack. Although thick in size, almost 600 pages but a breeze to read as it covers up so much in so less that I kept asking for more as more or less I had heard of almost all of them pretty now and then but the way she has done her research and has picked up the most important episodes of their lives is too good and indeed super inspiring.
I will not be able to cover up all the leading ladies that she has covered in her book but would love to mention some that indeed amazed me. Who in India or abroad too wouldn't know of Neeta Ambani's contribution to the Ambani Empire as well as the things she does for society, What I didn't know about her was about the tree plantation and farming work she has administered and the way she keeps up with her family, professional and social life too - commendable. Super Inspiring is Mrs. Rajshree Birla's struggle after untimely and sudden death of Mr. Birla, how she took the forte of business as well as family life is too good to read and get inspired with. How many men let alone ladies will have the guts of writing to JRD Tata himself about a negative trait they had at Tata's and then get selected as the first female ever to get appointed in Telco's engineering department - Hats off to Sudha Murty (Wife of Narayan Murty - Infosys). How Infosys got incorporated (by Pawning her jewelery for capital) and her contribution in the same is simply mind-blowing story to read - one that I will never forget. The entire book is full of various women's achievement and the WOW factor never comes to an end as you turn every page and are again wowed by so many "Firsts" after a certain time I just stopped counting and got totally engrossed with the little success stories.
It has exactly 24 great names that we all have heard in our daily lives but covering their achievements and the background stories is simply too good to know. I just couldn't imagine what it told me about these inspiring ladies. Not only from the super rich in India to Bollywood, Arts, Sports and so on - she has almost covered all of the sectors. What I was little shocked to see was no mention of Kiran Bedi and Bachendri Pal, I was expecting both of them at least if not the likes of Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. But anyways - still kudos to her for the book and coverage. Its one hell of a book worth collecting and letting every read and get inspired with it too. Another good part of the book is that you can pick it up from anywhere and read it - no cover to cover compulsory read it is. Depending upon who you want to know first - you can chose to read. A very highly recommend book and superb collection of little biographies if I may call it that. story in it big time.

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