Monday, June 12, 2017

Inherit the Wind - Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee (Book)

Inherit the Wind - Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee.
This is one of those books that I accidentally stumbled upon and more than the content or the story - how I got it and what edition I read is more of a story in itself. Last month made a new friend and she had reviewed this book earlier on Facebook where she mentioned to have a 1969 edition (guess even she didn't know it then) - Now imagine my excitement when she actually put the book in my hands and let me have it as well to read :). The book actually is in a fragile state yet very much readable - who doesn't love those yellow old pages with very small lettering :) but after reading a couple of pages I actually realized that I may tear it apart while reading so immediately picked up a kindle version just to keep the book safe. Also. to make sure that I was not losing anything in the newer version - I did a page to page comparison for couple of pages and realized they haven't changed it in as many years. Also the size of letters was in control in Kindle :). The pace, story, handling, characters and even the size is so reader friendly with only 65 odd pages (Kindle version) it was finished in a jiffy. I did stretch it to two days - couldn't stretch it any further as the ending was not only shocking but very gripping. Especially if you love courtroom dramas that too the one which is fought between the faithful (Bible followers) and the ones who believe in Darwinian theory of evolution (when it was banned to be taught in schools). Terrific read.
It is actually in a play format - a first of its own kinds that I ever read. Unfortunately try as hard as I could - I haven't read one work of Shakespeare yet - guess he has written plays only and so far I thought "Plays" are not my cup of tea. But this short book or Play has changed my opinion of the same altogether and now I am so looking forward to Uncle Shakespeare's works that I cant tell you. And guess what? this is based on a true story (a real trial). The two lawyers fighting the case are actually old close friends and one of them could have been the President of United States thrice - just imagine. How they interact off the court and we the audience are subtly told about their background is too good. You've got the read the book to know what was the crime, how it gets defended in the court of law and the final outcome. Its very hard to review it and not to give any spoilers. But with the size of the book and the way it is narrated - it works beautifully. As it keeps the reader totally engrossed from the stage on left to the stage on right, from the front to the back - it is so well written and explained that I found it pretty engrossing as well as visually delighting. I believe there is a movie adaptation too that I guess I need to check out at the earliest.
Every-time I read a book which mentions Darwin's book on Evolution - I make a pact to read it as my next. This is high time that I picked up the original and read - how come it inspires so many debates, books and theories yet I haven't read it. How about you? Have you? Do let me know if you have read this one (and Darwin's) and how you like it and if you haven't yet - go ahead, get it and read it fast as it shouldn't be missed.

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