Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Man Jeeves - P G Wodehouse (Book)

My Man Jeeves - P G Wodehouse.

I read and finished my first Stephen King book last week (The Shining) and I am sure you did read my review of how I lived through the terror :). P G Wodehouse had to come in picture as a saving grace for my fragile heart which wasn't performing well as I went through Mr. King's terrific book. Although, I consider myself an ignorant fool as about a month back I had no idea as who this Mr. P G Wodehouse was :) can you believe that. But then my great friends in our every growing book club on Facebook kept talking about PGW and I was shocked to see that, not one person ever disliked any of his works. let alone criticizing it. And with all those lovely reviews, I gather that his books are a laugh riot (a warning coming up on that). What "The Shining" did to me can only be undone by a book and a writer like that. Hence I had to start this lovely "my first PG Wodehouse book" at the dead of the night on one fateful Friday. Around 3 AM as I finished King's book, of-course I couldn't hit the bed as I happen to have a bed which has no covered box and its more like a bloody cot with so much space below it. I just couldn't gather all my guts to climb up on it where my lovely wife and kiddo were peacefully snoring. I thought better of it all and picked "My Man Jeeves" right then and there and started. Around 20 pages down the line, (Trust me when I say this) I was actually laughing out loud, so loud that my mom got up and asked me "Have you bloody gone nuts? what the Deuce you've been smoking and drinking all night?". And that is what Mr. P G Wodehouse is all about. DO NOT start or read any of his books in the night or beware - THAT could happen to you too my friend.

Jeeves as the title goes is the right hand man of Bertie Wooster, a hardcore English (Johnny English and Mr Bean came to my mind). These short stories are some of the actions Bertie has and is always saved by the ever efficient Jeeves, who has solution to all his worldly problems. The problems could be as big as what to wear for an evening party to a formal meeting, to what to eat and what to have with tea. How to take care of uninvited guests, solutions to even Bertie's friends problems are a left hand job for the charming man Jeeves. Now Jeeves is definitely not from the same planet that we inhabit as he doesn't walk, talk or do other humanely stuff, he floats on the floor, seriously you've got to read in PGW's words, how he enters a room, roams around doing his chores, how he talks and advises them, gets their attention (I love his coughing). But beware of what he hates, his mood swings are to die for. Imagine when his master decides to grow a mustache, the world must come to an end for Jeeves. He is totally a damn good lovable character that you just cant get enough of. This book and these characters of Bertie and Jeeves got me thinking that aren't they bloody English's response to our own "Akbar and Birbal"?. If you have read PGW and these stories, I am sure you will agree with me here, would love to know your thoughts on that. Also, there is a mention of Bertie's Aunt Agatha who lives in London, I guess comically they are referring to Agatha Christie? may be. Since this was my first PGW, I am yet to explore it fully but any light thrown on these characters from the experience and well read crowd will be highly appreciated.

Do let me know if you have read this one or his other works, how did you like them? As I am definitely inclined to go further poor by getting his all other works too. Which one you recommend that I jump to after my next King book which I am about to start soon ;). And if you are an ignorant fool and an unread person like me, who hasn't heard of PGW, go rob a book store, hide behind it and read some of his works before showing your face to your well read friends. I am ready for the brick bat anyways as just cant lie about books that I haven't read or writers that I haven't heard of :(. 

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