Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hear the Wind Sing - Haruki Murakami (Book)

Hear the Wind Sing - Haruki Murakami.

I have three types of friends, first are best friends who gift me books, second are those friends who motivate me to read more then there is a third type of friends too that I have and I call them "Enemy Friends". If you haven't read that term anywhere it actually means those friends who are your literary enemies. One of them gifted me a Harry Potter (first book) last year when I used to refuse it as a children's book and then there is this one who gifted me the Fourth book of a four book series from Haruki Murakamim intentionally, knowing very well how I have fallen in love with this guy. And the joke is that the book is titled "Dance Dance Dance" and I had been dancing since that day to lay my hands on the first three so I can get to the one he actually gifted me. Now, if you know anything about Murakami and his philosophy, you will agree that it wont be a mistake on my part to get all of them and read them back to back, isn't it? This one that I just finished and totally in awe with is no wonder one of his earlier works back in 70's I guess. Still, what an amazing book it turns out to be, although it kept reminding me of Paulo Coelho to an extent as this will be a very highly inspiring work for those who actually want to become writers. How he wrote this and what all was going through his mind and how terrifically he converted everything into one superb story is the book all about.

As the name suggests "Hear the Wind Sing" and "The Rat Trilogy" as it is called. The entire story revolves around the narrators best friend who he is known as "Rat", actually a super rich guy whose dad owns a Mercedes and he himself has a Triumph (an Iconic Motorcycle now). This is actually the best time of their lives I guess, young carefree, keeping a count of how many girls they have slept with and what not, banging the car at top speed totally drunk, thanking there stars for surviving without a scratch, getting arrested, falling in love and what not. It has it all and to my pain, amazement, shock and surprise the book is hardly 115 odd pages, too short from Murakami standards now as I kept asking for more to no avail but the good thing is that have three more to look forward to after this one. The book actually takes you back in time to your own carefree days and not surprising from his standards is full of literary, music and movie references, too good if you like Music and Movies the way you love the books. It may make your "to be read" list a little more longer knowing that Murakami was actually reading those books in his younger days and was getting inspired or turned off too :). It does gets philosophical in a very loving way and like I say never gets preachy. Another interesting thing that I noticed is that the name of the story teller never comes in the book but he names all his friends and other characters. I am sure I didn't miss his name anywhere in the start.

Its a super fast read and very easy going. If you find his later works harder, guess you should read this one. If you have read it already, do let me know how you liked it? As I am about to dash for the second part of the Trilogy before reading the fourth Epilogue called "Dance Dance Dance"

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