Monday, August 14, 2017

The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks (Book)

The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks.
I am sure it must have happen with you too at one point of time or the other that you end up loving a book so much, interpret your own choice of ending because it had an open ending that once its sequel comes out, you plan never to read it just to savor the taste of the prequel in your heart (not in mind). But unfortunately I had to read this after I let my heart debate with my mind to their own hearts content (trust me they have one each :). I thought how bad it could be? It may spoil my memory of ever so handsome, ever so loving Noah waiting for a life time for the love of his life Allie to drop by just before her own marriage, confused, love lorn, love struck and what not to make his dull life beautiful once again as she does on and off but always goes off leaving him sad. I also thought it may screw up the perfect ending I had in my own mind of that terrific love story called "The Notebook" because its Nicholas Spark's baby and he has all the right in the world to play around with it, how differently may be his fans expect or thought about the story. As this supposedly should take the story forward where Noah and Allie left it (I so much assumed and wished they die together after Allie's memory comes back for one night and she recognizes him and believes in the story he reads to her from his notebook that night and they never wake up next morning. As some idiot must have said that "love does takes you to places but then life takes over at one point of time". But this guy I tell you is a hardcore romantic and he takes it one step ahead proving that "love will take over life for good, provided you want it to" and finally gives me a superb closure in the form of this terrific sequel that only and only hardcore romantics should read, rest all can trash it without reading to their hearts content (if they actually have it).
Story is taken ahead by Noah's Son in law Wilson married to his daughter for thirty year, as they are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary their daughter surprises them by disclosing that she will be getting married on the same day. With only a week to prepare for the wedding whatever they could, with their own marriage and life in shambles on the verge of breaking over. This sudden marriage announcement gives them some cushion and time to look back at their own life and repair the ruins. Noah again is the hero of this story too (undoubtedly) and really made me wonder what's with the Authors and their knack for making us fall head over heals over oldies nowadays :). You just cant not fall in love with the way he keeps "getting" his family and his theory of re-incarnation of his own wife Allie :) you've got to read the book to know it, if its any true or if his own kids believe on it or not. But Wilson does to an extent. I guess I read this book a decade too early to claim that I actually was able to see my own life in the form of this amazing love story, calling it amazing as it has a perfect ending as all unusual love stories have (or should have). Wilson and Jane are as different as Chalk and Cheese yet they were somehow able to survive the thing called life and three grown up kids, went ahead on their own. Jane has Noah a super old daddy with a demented mind to take care off too whereas Wilson has his own law firm to take care off, life does takes a toll on both. How Wilson rekindles the love and does the unexpected in the most riveting way is the story all about.
Although, I am not that old like Wilson but no doubt as I said I was able to see glimpses of my own life in this story. Couple falling apart because of unfulfilled expectations, kids going away on their own, almost not in talking term with parents, no romance left just some vague memories of a better past but loved Wilson's will to get it all back. Another terrific thing which works in the favor of the book is Noah and his never ending love story. As I said Nicholas Sparks is a hardcore romantic and has left no stone upturned to make this book another superb experience for the likes of him and his fans. He had me in smiles, in tears, again choked up and a terrific closure this time. You will no doubt see your own life through this story on way or other. If you have read "The Notebook" and loved it, you've got to read this and if you haven't still this works wonders as almost the entire story of Notebook is spread over this one. But do let me know if you have read it and how you liked it.

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