Monday, April 08, 2013

Chashme Buddoor (2013) - Comedy

Three generations of our family saw the movie together so the reaction had to be different. First things first – I went along with my teenage nephew and parents to see the old Chashme Buddoor but wanted to keep it a surprise for both the parties. But the moment I stepped in the queue – my mom who I always believed was a big Farukh Sheikh and Dipti Nawal fan said “Let’s check out the new one, original we have already seen couple of times”. I was shocked and kinda surprised too. I actually like Ali Zafar, love his style of dialogue delivery, body language, my wife loves his voice big time, hence I did not complain plus that other guy Siddharth who made his mark in Bollywood with “RangDe Basanti” is anyways a good actor down south, plus the 3rd dude we all have seen and loved in “Pyaar Ka Panchnama” and to top it all with David Dhawan the comedy king behind the whole movie – it had to be a laugh riot from the very start. Although it was way too loud beyond my taste but was able to make me laugh and love it anyways. Just that I wanted the Cineplex guys to keep the volume a little low, my parents loved it big time and trust me – they actually said that this one is better than its original counterpart, although the original has its own sweet flavor but this was an apt remake as per them. I found it to be too loud, rash but yet entertaining, loved the one liners, chick is cute, guys did their part pretty well, songs were unwanted and crappy, my nephew had “WTF” expressions on his face throughout. Yet he managed to sit thru the movie, but not recommending anyone I believe. I will definitely give it a good 2.5/5 and will call it a nice one time watch. If you like comedies – chances are – you wont mind this one much, wont remember it for long but will come out of audi smiling for sure.

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