Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013) - Comedy

Another light hearted comedy which may not rock you off your chair but still impresses you big time and is a kind of a breeze with hardly 100 minutes of running time. A total roller coaster ride with two young guns and their story of one quick ride to impress the girl friend gone awfully wrong. In the backdrop of a typical Punjabi family wedding going on – makes up for a superb time pass movie. Co-incidentally we had a better connect with the movie as the Maruti Ertiga – the one that they buy and it vanishes in no time is actually going to be our next car – booked a few months ago – should be delivered any day now. Maruti has done a perfect advertisement of the car through this movie and what a way to show off all of its good features as the movie progresses. It’s an out and out comedy and kudos to the young generation stars – they all almost play their part to perfection and never bore you for a moment. Ram Kapoor is too good as the father and unfortunately Ravi Kishen is wasted big time as the mechanic cum goon who deals in stolen cars. Saquib Saleem as the protagonist is too good, Rhea Chakraborty as his girl friend Jazzleen is cute and so is his side kick, Prabal Panjabi who kept reminding me of a Veer Dass. It’s a movie that you won’t remember for a long time but will surely have a good time watching it. My ratings – a good 2.5/5 with two thumbs up, movies like this should be encouraged. Go for it – you will like it.

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