Friday, September 27, 2013

Lebanon (2009) - Thriller

A superb thriller and I should say it is one of its own kinds as never seen anything as good as this one. The whole movie is shot inside a tank and the only outside window for audience as well as cast is the binocular vision of the gun they had. It was simply terrific as I could never imagined how fantastic it could be – terrifying is the sound of the gun moving left, right, up and down with that hydraulic whining sound as well as the jerks of guns blaring, missiles fired, shots taken by the tanker. it is indeed a hell of a movie if you ask me – a must watch for all thriller lovers especially those who love war movies, this one is a visual as well as imagination gone wild treat. It had so many Goosebumps as well as hearth in your mouth moments that I can’t even describe. The total cast consists of only four people – tanks driver, missiles loader, gunner and the commanding officer, rest of the people keep coming and going briefly. They are ordered to clean sweep whatever comes on their way in Lebanon and support the army and what all they through during the course of I guess one day is simply mind blowing and terrific. The team of four had hardly any Live experience of war and how they handle the situation and the tension is simply outstanding. Never seen anything like this ever before and I am sure it will remain in my head for quite a long time to come. Not to be missed by anyone – a totally must watch movie.

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