Friday, July 22, 2016

Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens (Book)

45/100 of #100bookpact Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist is going to be one of my all time favorite books not only by Charles Dickens but by and by general standards too (You see I started using his language too). Mind-blowing isn't the right word to describe the feeling I had throughout the narration - superb writing by any standards - it gave me everything, lump in the throat, sadness, put a smile on my face lot of times and finally had me grinning from ear to ear by the way it all ends. It just cannot be called any less then a perfect thriller too - although its a perfect piece of literature but amazing is the way he has written it with so much going on simultaneously. Some superb characters - even the villains portrayal is done in such a way that by the time it all comes to an end - reader actually has a sympathy or shall I say empathy for them. I kept wondering about the name initially why "Twist" in his name but as the story progresses and secrets are revealed I totally agree with it - his life was so twisty that he just cannot have a better name. Simple and sweet story of an orphan and as they say the story of Oliver Twist from rags to riches. If you haven't read this one - you haven't read nothing. Go for it and I am sure you are going to love it. I am definitely going to read it again some time soon even after knowing the ending, its going to be a great read. Looking forward to some more from him soon, totally in love with him (and of-course his writings).

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