Friday, July 29, 2016

The Time Machine - H G Wells (Book)

48/100 of #100bookpact The Time Machine - H G Wells I will call this as one of the wildest imaginations of the human mind coming true. But the way it is narrated is simply out of this world and the best part is the year when it was written - I just couldn't believe my eyes when Google said 1895. WHOA!! A beautiful book with a mind-blowing story. Just imagine if someone made a real time machine like the "Time Traveler" in this books makes one and travels. The main character has no name but is always referred as "Time Traveler", what he goes through with his machine is the entire engrossing story. Supremely written again I will say its simply unbelievably Unputdownable once you start. The year that he travels first time is about a thousand or more ahead of his time, just imagine what will happen of the humans, how will this world look like, what if he decides to travel a further thousand year ahead, what if he loses his machine in one of his trips? or what if he meets someone that he falls for? It has so much covered in merely the length of the book that is amazing the impact it makes on the reader (Midways I actually wanted the book to be a 1000 pages long). Totally loved the ending and actually kept looking for more, While reading the epilogue I was wishing that
Wells had written a sequel. It would have been such an amazing thing.

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