Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Conversations With God (Book 2) - Neale Donald Walsch

62/100 of #100bookpact Conversations With God (Book 2) - Neale Donald Walsch In my experience of reading (last three decades) I would say there are very few writers who have that kind of connect with his / her readers that one actually feels like talking to them and not reading a book or a story by them. This Trilogy (Although am yet to get the third book) has exactly given me the same feeling, not for one moment I felt like I was reading a book rather it felt as if I was standing on one side of the window with him on the other side and we were talking about his experience while talking to God - that too the same queries that I will have if God speaks to me. Although Theosophy is not my favorite subject but it is my Dad's favorite - so you see it runs in my genes I now believe, but this is even otherwise an outstanding series of books that everyone should read - I will call it an eye opener and one that gives so much food for thought. It's I believe an Art to criticize your own country (America) too in such a positive constructive way. Astounding is the way he has done it and not over do it at all. as captured God's thoughts and responses to our worldly queries and insanely great replies. Terrific imagination if I may call it that but so well convincing. It can very well be read as a self help book too but needs to be read again and again, I am totally hooked to them now and have already ordered the last of the series too.

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