Friday, August 19, 2016

Sons of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer (Book)

57/100 of #100bookpact Sons of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer
So it was finally "Jeffrey Archer" time for me after quite a while I would say. Read a lot of his books earlier and almost loved them all till the very last page as he is famous for that - keeping his readers engaged to the very ending. This was no different - had read it long ago and totally loved a reread. Twin brothers and their story right from the birth to separation and the parallel tracks - how they keep criss crossing each other so many times, the similarities, the struggles, challenges and what not. Till they come actually very close and become rivals in politics - was the best thing. Although at times it does becomes predictable but never "uninteresting' its just too good. I am sure it would (not sure if they did) make up for a perfect movie (a Thriller). People knowing them both in the story too are equally amazed liked the reader with uncanny similarities in their lives. As I finished the book today - it was totally engrossing till the very ending and trust me when I say this - I had to actually read the last page thrice to get the ending as who was the one that Archer was referring as the winner.

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