Monday, August 01, 2016

Inferno - Dan Brown (Book)

50/100 of #100bookpact Inferno - Dan Brown I love those writers (and books) especially the ones those are able to give me sleepless nights (although that has got nothing to do with my graveyard shift) and Dan Brown is one of those few good ones. This being his latest work that I guess isn't appreciated much by critics as his best but of course I totally loved it - as picked it up Saturday early morning and had to finish it this morning to not to have a break in between. After seeing a couple of movies based on his books and totally loving the character of Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks on big screen) it was simply impossible for me to not to have it. Again it is almost as pacy as his other works - same treatment for Robert too - wakes up in a hospital with a gun shot wound on his head - no memory of last two days, why is he in Florence, why are people trying to kill him, what has WHO got to do with him. The pace is simply frenetic with so much going on continuously (typical Dan Brown) and Robert on foot with a little help from another character who happens to be a doctor.  Another thing about Dan Brown is that his books are a total visual treat and so rich in Architecture, History, Symbols, Amazing places and the theories that he comes out with - totally believable (scary at times). Even in this book the mathematical calculation that he has given for world population growth and its impact on planet or humanity is scary. It's like he is actually making us aware that the end is near (yet again) and there is no way we can stop it, so does the villain in this one - kill half the population with one swift move and make the planet last long for the rest. The question is - is he really a villain? Should he be stopped? He has already set a time bomb ticking at a location no one knows where, will Robert be able to reach on time and diffuse, the bigger question - should the bomb be diffused or should it go off? The whole story in wrapped up in flat 72 hours I believe. Another best part of this book is that the movie is right round the corner and should be releasing in a couple of months- I am now so eagerly waiting for it - gonna be watching it first day first show for sure. If you like thrillers - you just cant ignore this and if you have read it already - do let me know how you liked it.
PS: Also, with this book - I have reached the halfway mark :)

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