Friday, November 04, 2016

A Walk To Remember - Nicholas Sparks (Book)

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A Walk To Remember - Nicholas Sparks
My weakness or you can say my strength for that matter lies in my habit of reading from the very first page to the very last. I usually read the Foreword, Introduction, Comments and Back cover comments AFTER I finish the book, that ways it keeps me glued to the book as I do not know what to expect. Also at times (and a lot of it) I go all the way to get all the books from the same writer and read them in the order he / she wrote it, I really like it that way as it helps not only in knowing what and how he / she has progressed from one book to another and if there is a pattern in their writing. Nicholas Spark's books fall in the same category as a very dear friend sent me a couple of his books from somewhere midways his career and I totally loved them (The Choice, The Notebook and Message in a bottle) and I was totally hooked to his writing. Hence decided to start from the very start and picked up his first book this time.
A very straight forward love story of two totally opposite teenagers told in a most simplest way, although its totally predictable right from the very start. I could actually assume the whole story how its going to go forward and even the unusual breakup or say ending still it works big time. Landon Carter is a rich kid, son of a Congressman, with his own set of rowdy friends and their adventurers in the neighborhood of Beaufort, North Carolina. Jamie Sullivan is a very religious straight forward no fuss girl, daughter of a Minister (Priest), mother died in child birth, she is almost a nobody in school, although the whole town loves her as she is the one who always moves with a bible in hand. You see they have no connection in common except the school they go to (being classmates). How their paths cross, how they fall in love and everything that happens during this particular year is the rest of the story told in a flashback by Landon as he turns 57 years old. How that one year changed his life forever makes up for a superb story which he promises at the very start that its going to give us smiles as well as tears and it indeed does leaves a smile on my face with a lump in my throat. Only grudge I had with this one was - it was too predictable but nevertheless a good one time read.
A book which can be read in one sitting if you have couple of hours to spend.

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