Thursday, November 10, 2016

Deception Point - Dan Brown (Book)

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Deception Point - Dan Brown

OK! So I am in love with Dan Brown after reading his latest (which didn't impress his fans) and first (which wasn't great as per me) still both worked for me as they are way better then his counterparts are churning out. And I must say what a perfect timing to read this one as it talks about "How the Presidents are made in USA" by hook or crook, money or deception etc and shockingly as Donald Trump became the President against all speculations as I finish the book. The whole book (A majority of it) is a thrilling drama which unfolds in the course of a little more then 24 hrs only - a typical Dan Brown stuff if  you ask me. Acting President is about to lose the upcoming elections by a huge margin to his predecessor who is against the US funding of NASA which goes down the drain as per him. Right when he is about to prove the point and register a landslide victory in coming elections - NASA discovers life forms from the extraterrestrial world - what perfect timing to save the President and get him re-elected on a NASA ticket. But the question remains - can that be a true discovery? or is it a cover up only for someone's personal motto. With a handful of Private Scientists and explorers on lose behind the secret and all kinds of agencies supporting one or the other - its a cat and mouse chase game.

What I love about his writing is that he writes in small chapters with at-least two to three parallel tracks which keeps the reader hanging. Pace is as always terrific heading towards a superb climax with so much going on all around. The book has everything, from racy pace to the Protagonist traveling in a F14 to Ellsmere Island (Extreme Northern point of Canada), journey inside the white house (as usual), proof of extraterrestrial life, even a Sex scandal of a Senator - the President to be, Delta Force removing unnecessary evidences against the acting President (not much but I loved the Delta Force part). Both the leading ladies of the story are too good - guess my loyalty kept shifting towards both of them (of course one after another). Rachel as Senator's daughter who works for the current President, about to uncover something which will never get him re-elected. Whereas Gabrielle as Senator's Campaign Manager is about to uncover something which may make him the next President. All in the course of one night -  with so many people dieing who shouldn't have in the first place the story keeps getting darker till you reach the very end. The race between the truths the two ladies are about to discover keeps getting better with each passing chapter and incident which makes it one heck of a read - I will say.

A good one time read and that makes me move to his other best works like "Angels and Demons" :) 

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