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Conversations With God (Book 3) - Neale Donald Walsch (Book)

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Conversations With God (Book 3) - Neale Donald Walsch
So, the Trilogy finally comes to an end, if you have read my earlier two reviews on Book 1 and Book 2 respectively, a couple of months back, this is the last of the series summing everything up in one final swipe. And what an amazing journey it had been - a totally new perspective to life, god, humans and what we think of it all. A lot of it is of-course debatable but no doubt - it isn't at all bad or hurt in anyways to know someone else's perspective or vision of god. I totally liked all the three books put together and they will always be a permanent part of my collection. As they are written - they should be read again and again to make more sense - if one believes or have any interest in Theosophy. As my parents follow it a big time - I too got hooked to a couple of writers referred by them and will definitely do a little bit more study on the subject with other writers.
Book 3 - talks about a lot of stuff left over in the first two books with one of the most important question right at the very start - as what happens to us when we die? Where do we go? what happens to our soul? is there a hell or a heaven that we go to? so on so forth. And a very interesting view point presented by the Author as he claims God was giving answers through his pen to all his queries, its quite convincing as I said - yet debatable big time. Mind-blowing is the way they (God and Author) talk about other worlds and universe's, life outside our solar system, where they have reached Technologically and Spiritually, how they are different, what is that they have learned and we haven't, Why are we sending our planet towards an end and hell lot of other worldly issues. Like I said - its all very debatable yet its written in quite a convincing way - it actually feels like the reader is writing the book as if these were really the questions I myself will ask God if given an opportunity. A lot of it indeed put a smile on my face with its accuracy and the responses are at times hilarious but mostly they become food for a serious thought. I would say a gist of all three books should be added to the course material as a part of our education in school, it will do wonder to the coming generation. As many books I read or the movies I watch - I am simply stunned to notice - they all send us in one direction but the problem is that we just don't notice and still fail to work towards them. As of yet it comes true - it may all change in future - if you know what I mean.
This trilogy is highly recommended like I said earlier and a must read for all.

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