Thursday, March 09, 2017

Delirium - Lauren Oliver (Book)

Delirium - Lauren Oliver
A very dear friend mailed me this book and the title got me hooked to it. Imagine a world where "Love" is considered a disease and not only that - they have even discovered a cure for it too. The procedure of curing someone of Love will be done at a precise age and time when it hits the subject most. How they behave before the procedure is done on them and how afterwards - makes up for a superb read. It may get a little predictable for the over smart sorts but worked perfectly fine for me as I am unfortunately a hardcore romantic who takes all his decisions from heart rather then brain. It isn't a very small book but it races to the finish in no time as its written from the perspective of a teenager who has fallen head over heels unknowingly and later realize how cruel the world is for people like them. How they face their fate and what all secrets gets revealed about the people who had fallen in love earlier and had gone through the process of "Unloving" again makes up for a compelling read. I had no idea of the subject or the wild imagination of the author but as I finished this and read about it - guess she has written a trilogy of sorts - gotta get the other two books and see what happens to them in future - if there was a future for infected couple(s).
If you like romantic novels or love stories - this is a must read for you. A totally new concept I will say.

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