Monday, March 13, 2017

His Bloody Project - Graeme Macrae Burnet (Book)

His Bloody Project - Graeme Macrae Burnet
My second Booker (Nominee) book in the last six months and I am confused if I can call it a beautiful book or story or not as its based on the gruesome killing of three members from a family by a teenager way back in the late 19th century. This book although it was hardly 140 pages yet took me quite a while to read, digest and finish, also kept reminding me of outstanding book with almost similar story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Chronicles of a Death Foretold) where we are told at the very initial start what (and how it) is going to happen next still the reader is completely glued and engrossed with the narrative. Mind-blowingly chilling account of the killing but the situation leading the protagonist to the same and subsequent consequences leading to it and what happens afterwards - no way that I as a reader couldn't sympathize or empathize or even looked forward to an alternate ending then it can be presumed (very well). That was some story and some simply superb way of telling it - no wonder it made it to the Booker qualification - win or no win - its a winner all the way for the reader. It is indeed based on a real life incidence way back in time but the Author must be praised to have written it in a way that no way it can be considered something written in the 21st century and by that I mean the language and choice of words and sentences, totally amazing work.
Another thing that I like about these books based on a time couple of centuries earlier is mostly the gloomy background, the struggle of daily life, dreams and vision of a better future, simplicity, slow but developing pace plus no hurry to reach anywhere - they have so many qualities provided the writer is good and in this case - this guy is damn good in that and makes up with a completely satisfying account. The book is very smartly written in two parts - first is the boy's memoir of what and why he did what he did and second part narrates what happens afterwards. Even the courtroom drama associated with the story is too good and almost one of the best I have read so far in any of the books with fantastic twists and turn of events plus some good investigative research done by the various parties involved. The books makes up for a very compelling read - one that I couldn't put down without finishing yet couldn't read too fast too as it takes its own time in developing the story and then shocking the reader with simple yet great details - if you have read this you will know what I mean but if you haven't - you've got to read it. A book not to be missed by anyone as it is thrilling, chilling, have a damn good little love story too in between. Go for it guys - do not miss it at any cost.

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