Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks (Book)

The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks

Here comes the filler as I call all the love stories I read in between my two heavy reads to refresh my mind. This one was a quite refreshing mushy mushy read, a typical Nicholas Sparks love story with some struggle here some confusion there and everything should fall in place by the time it ends - although he has more then once killed the lead character to my shock in two of his much acclaimed books (and I hate him for that) especially in "The Message in a Bottle" - not done - will never forgive him for that. But I just cant resist any of his books - hence got all them last month from the very first to the very latest and going to read them as fillers now and then :).

A very simple story of a Contractor - Taylor McAden  who works as a volunteer fireman too rescuing people in need. Story takes a turn when he saves a single mother Denise from a car wreck who has a son with special needs who in place gets lost in the accident. How they find the kid and what happens next is the rest of the story. They both have a past that they want to forget and get over with, who needs to rescue who makes up for a damn good romantic read. I could have finished this book in one long sitting but I kept pushing and decided not to read anything above 70-75 pages a day to enjoy it longer, also I was worried about the ending too. Another thing that I like about Nicholas, his stories and characters is that they are totally down to earth, almost life like, always based in a small town with very basic life - the one's that we can co-relate with very well, but the stories are always beautifully told. No exception this one.

So, if you have a lonely evening with not much to do, this can definitely be picked up and read in one shot. Let "The Rescue" rescue you from boredom and le me assure you - it will make you smile, will make you grin from ear to ear and will definitely make your eyes go moist by the superb ending. And now I will move back to another tougher book so I can pick up his next work yet again after this one :) 

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