Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hatchi: A Dogs Tale (2009) - Drama

Although this one is a remake an old Japanese movie again based on a true story of early 20th century about a dog – Hachiko, who waited everyday for his deceased master at a Japanese railway station for almost 9 years. Richard Gere as usually is too good in lead as the master who finds the dog on a railway platform and takes it home. They try their level best to find the owner or a family who will adopt him but then as fate had it – they keep him and how he becomes an important part of their family and what happens next is a heartwarming drama. It’s such a nice story and made in an awesome way that we were hooked to it big time – so much so that now I want to see its original too just to know if it would be any better than this one. The majority of the movie has almost no dialogues but just the dog in full frame waiting for his master to come back and how the camera follows him throughout. Even the support cast like the Railway Station Manager, Hot Dog Stand guy, Lady in restaurant and couple of more people leave a mark on the audience. It is an outstanding story of a dog and shows us yet again that why a dog is called the most loyal animal known to mankind. It’s a must watch for all and a movie which should never be missed by anyone. I will give it a damn good 4.5/5 – almost a classic.

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