Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Iceman (2012) - Thriller

Another Fantastic “Based on True Story” movie – on the life of notorious hitman Richard Kuklinski played supremely by one of my favorite actors “Michael Shannon”. Fantastic isn’t the right word to explain this movie – with Shannon’s towering personality and a killer character of a hitman / ruthless cold blooded killer in hand with Ray Liotta as his boss and Chris Evans as his brief partner – you just can’t ask for more in one thriller. Oh! And before I forget – Winona Ryder as his cute and clueless wife – who has no idea of his profession. Its indeed awesome to watch how he proposes, maries and raises two daughters till they come to know who he actually is. How he killed almost 100+ people during his killing spree and got the name “The Iceman” is something you’ve gotta see it for – this guy is an awesome actor and he has proved it couple of times not so long ago but this movie seals it for him – big-time. I haven’t seen a better hitman ever for sure – totally loved him as a crazy cop in his last movie “Premium Rush” and now this one. The movie actually becomes an edge of the seat thriller couple of times as you see him in anger – especially one scene where he mistakenly bumps his car into another in front – the look that he gives the other guy is scary enough for him and audience – what pursues next is something you’ve got to watch the movie for – Superb Thriller! He became one of those villains that we hate to love like “Joker” from Dark Knight. It is one hell of a thriller and I will definitely give it a great 4/5 with two thumbs up – a must watch for all thriller lovers.

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