Thursday, September 12, 2013

Zanjeer (2013) - Action

Another Bomb from Apoorva Lakhia camp and he actually lived up to the expectations – everyone knew from the very start that this one will be another disaster of the year and it actually turns out to be WTF movie of the year. Very second thought as we sat seeing this disaster on screen giving tribute to Ram Charan’s immediate family right from the very start showing his Dad and Uncle’s movie posters in background – we were glad that neither Prakash Mehra nor Praan Saab lived up to see its remake and that’s such a big relief. The original was a career defining movie for Amitabh Bachchan and even as we see its re runs on some TV channels today they still appeal to us big time. Comparisons are anyways inevitable and why not – when they have guts of remaking the classics they should be ready for brickbats too – movie has no heart, no passion and they almost tried nothing with it – barring Sanjay Dutt who has a disastrously written character still he becomes such a nice saving grace for the movie – we only wished his role was a little better and longer– I will call it a special appearance of sorts nothing more. Priyanka Chopra – the less said the better as even wifey found her to be over the top and she tried way too hard to be in the character than she should have – it’s an outright OMG performance. When it comes to remakes – they should at least make a movie which still works like an independent movie – like Farhan Akhtar did with his Don series, they are still watchable if nothing else at least as sleek glossy action / comedy movies respectively. This was a total disaster – give it a miss if you have missed it anyways – I will give it 1/5 and this one star seriously belongs to Sanju Baba for his amazing looks and performance.

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