Saturday, March 08, 2014

Omar (2013) - Drama

As the poster says it is indeed an incredible love story with superb story and a terrific ending.  Fantastic story of three childhood friends, a love affair, political turmoil in and around Palestine with Love, Passion, Friendship, Betrayal, Patriotism, Revenge, Drama, Emotion and so much more roped in one - making it a totally engrossing watch. I have never seen a better love story where characters say so less (almost nothing) yet their expressions speak loads, amazing casting and simply mind-blowing performances by the guy who plays Omar (Adam Bakri) and his love interest Nadia (Beautiful Leem Lubany) who is his best friend’s sister he looks forward to marry. It has so much going on that too at a break neck speed that I totally loved the way it moves from one emotion to another – like one moment we have this couple raring to go but couldn’t due to their backgrounds and the next – the dude gets into an amazing chase on foot with army / undercover agents (not once but couple of times). The way their lives change and go through the topsy turvy ride is totally heartening, one scene which will be etched in my memory for life will be the wall climbing at the very start and one towards the very end – it indeed made my eyes moist. The dreams that they live with it and how it turns out in the reality is one heck of a journey and told in such a fantastic way. Unbelievable is the way wiki says about the film: “Director Hany Abu-Assad describes putting together the idea of the film in one night, writing the structure of the story in four hours and writing the script in four days” – that’s incredible. And the film was selected as the Palestinian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards and was nominated is no mean feat. I will definitely rate it a damn good 4.5/5 with a must watch recommendation for all.

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