Friday, March 28, 2014

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014) - Horror

A typical American done to death topic – this one is the 5th movie from the series again shot in its entirety by a handheld camera which one of the leads of the movie actually buys it in the movie in $200. After watching a dozen of the similar movies which fail to scare me one bit I can definitely certify that almost every second American is an adventurous guy who knows (if not) at least tries to confront a kind of a spirit or a ghost and will definitely screw his own life in quest to capture them in a camera. This one has no story, no chills, no thrills and it’s so goddamn long in length that I actually was yawning throughout its length as it was predictable like anything. By the time the guy gets some idiotic superpowers and they incorporate some crappy CGI with trademark Paranormal Activity background – I had lost all interest in it and was waiting for it to end abruptly yet again – so they could make another movie after it (And that’s exactly how it all ends). To make this movie all they needed is some good for nothing kids (and a chick of course) with a handy cam, roaming around neighborhood, looking for a ghost right below their apartment. Paranormal Activity is another series which kept going down on quality with almost every new movie they made, first one was good, even the second one was worth a watch but after that they started sucking big time and this is how it all going to end now – I guess in a couple of years they will make some 2-3 more movies to finish it off, I am definitely giving it a way below average 1/5 for some special effects and going to ignore the any new releases in upcoming years. Give it a miss and you will miss nothing.

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