Friday, March 07, 2014

Shaadi Ke Side Effects (2014) - Comedy

I will remember this movie as another gold opportunity missed by the makers / stars to make a damn good quirky comedy movie which unfortunately is too long, yawn inducing, over the top, exaggerated and towards the ending I was so disinterested in the narrative that “Subway Surfer on my cell” was the only way out for me to let it finish. And before I forget to mention – I am sure this will be another movie which Vidya is sure to claim that she “Indeed put on weight to justify the character”. Farhan Akhtar’s career’s worst movie so far – whatever movies he has so far collaborated in any capacity were all damn good ones barring this one. As the name suggests and the expectations go – this should have been a light hearted comedy but unfortunately it actually tells only the one side of the coin (That too the Husbands) and not so convincing either. Of course life changes after marriage and it does changes big time after a couple goes for a baby, but then isn’t it part of life and we all do our own learning but absolutely not the way they showed in this one. It is full of half baked characters – every 20 minutes or so we get introduced to one character and then they vanish – they keep making appearances but no one makes an impression other than Vidya and Farhan as the couple in lead. One more thing which caught my attention big time was that Vidya in this movie (yet again) gets to wear superb western wear and as the critics have always been so unkind on her western dresses – even this one is subjective – I had no issues with her looks till she wears something which goes upto her knees beyond that – it becomes “Oh My God What The Heck”. If you haven’t seen it – give it a miss – watch it on some TV channel soon but if you have seen it – let me know how you like it? I will definitely give it a 2/5 for the ensemble cast and couple of good moments.

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