Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Queen (2014) - Drama

150th movie of the year for me and what an amazing movie this one turned out to be – I had no expectations (I’m lying) especially when I was watching it on big screen on its third week of running with a jam packed hall on a sunny Sunday afternoon, had to settle for 5th row from screen and we still loved it. It’s a simple heart touching story told in the most simplest way yet it works big time as almost every connects not only with Queen’s (superb Kangna Ranaut) character, but with her hypocrite husband to be Vijay (damn good Rajkumar Rao) and the family n friends too. Other than the leads Lisa Hayden as Vijay Lakshmi definitely makes a big impression too, I guess I actually liked her. This movie is going to do the same to Kangna what last year’s “English Vinglish” did to Sridevi. I don’t know if I am the only who felt this way but this one somehow feels like a prequel to that movie – I am sure Sri’s character would have gone through the same thing before she gets married to her husband who happens to be exactly the same guy Vijay was in this movie. This one tells the story of before marriage and that one was after marriage. Another thing what I loved about the movie was that none of the character is haphazardly written for example Vijay’s character – even after know Rani (Queen) for so many years and actually after falling for her as shown in various flash backs – he is human enough to get confused right before marriage and even walks out of it. Rani being a girl from a very conservative family still goes on to her preplanned honeymoon to a destination most loved yet unknown and almost all the strangers she comes across understand her way better than the people who should have, who know her for so many years. The movie and the characters never go overboard – she travels to foreign lands and doesn’t understand their language neither is perfect in English but the way it all is shown is so damn convincing. The way she comes out a winner – the journey which changes her inside out totally is simply outstanding, it’s predictable yet engrossing to say the least. Music is another highlight of the movie – my seat was actually shaking with so many people in my row, myself included were tapping their both feet on the floor that too so hard that I could actually feel – Amit Trivedi is simply brilliant. I will definitely rate it a damn good 4.5/5, a movie which deserves to be seen again and again – as it inspires one and all big time. A must watch for all.

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