Thursday, February 06, 2014

Big Bad Wolves (2013) - Thriller

When Quentin Tarantino called it the best film of the year 2013 – what were our options? As being hardcore QT Fan – I had to see this (And love it too). Half an hour into the movie and I exactly knew why he liked and praised it. It had those typical QT moments all over the movies narrative with superb humor, thrill, action and suspense in right quantities. A very simple story of a girl getting abducted and killed – her headless body is recovered; the three main characters are looking for the culprit as well as the lost head of the little girl. What goes on while the search is on – how they get to a suspect and precede ahead makes up for a super thriller cum suspense movie. I will not be shocked if any of the American Director buys the rights soon and remakes it – I already have so many names coming to my mind for the perfect cast. But this one is too good – it was way better than my expectations for sure. The three main characters are simply mind blowing and what amazing performances by each one of them. First being an X Cop whose daughter goes missing, second: who helps him is a disgruntled vigilante cop and the third is the suspect who happens to be a school teacher. Each one of them had his own story going on in the background too. There are so many wow moments in the movie, some actually made me laugh out loud, as well as make me cringe (Especially torture scenes) but the good part is that it never goes overboard unlike the way Koreans do or the way Americans do with their action scenes. If you like thriller with suspense and action – you must see this, I will definitely rate it a damn good 4/5 for sure with two thumbs up. Not to be missed by anyone even otherwise. A damn good one time watch for sure.

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