Friday, February 21, 2014

Room 237 (2013) - Documentary

Decoding “The Shining”: One of the most loved American Directors Stanley Kubrick (one of my all time favorites) and one of his most acclaimed film “The Shining” which happens to be a superb psychological thriller / horror of all times. This documentary has certainly changed the way I have seen all of Kubrick movies and now it will make me watch them yet again (definitely) with a keen eye very soon. Simply superb stuff, the way these guys have decoded almost every scene, the color of walls, hallways, architecture of hotel, paintings, even the cans lying on the rack in background, characters, number of vehicles, room number (as the title suggests), locations and so much more. Watch out for that particular scene where the reviewers suggest that by putting one particular scene in the movie Kubrick has actually said “Fuck You” to Stephen King, whose book the movie was based on but with significant changes in the script, it’s hilarious. If you really call yourself a movie buff like I do – you’ve got to watch this and I guarantee you that this one will make you rethink of that term and hats off to guys behind this one, they have definitely earned my respect big time. Attention to detail in any of Kubrick’s movies is anyways outstanding but the way these guys have interpreted the same in this documentary is mind-blowing, I could never imagine the same in wildest of my dreams. As its Wiki Page Says: “The film interviews fans of The Shining who, using their own brands of film analysis, connect Kubrick's film with (among others) genocide of Native Americans, the Holocaust, and the Apollo 11 moon landing. The interviewees are not seen in Room 237, but rather, their commentaries and claims about the film are heard over a variety of visual clips (primarily from the film The Shining itself) which loosely connect with their dialogue”. If you are a fan of the genre and the guy himself – you’ve got to watch this; I will give it a damn good 4/5 with two thumbs up recommendation to all. Not to be missed by anyone especially Kubrick fans.

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