Thursday, February 06, 2014

Nebraska (2013) - Drama / Comedy

One of the best comedy drama in a long time based on a superb father son relationship rather I should call this a perfect family drama which keeps getting better every ten minutes. I am not at all surprised to read that it is also nominated for 6 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Payne, Best Actor for Bruce Dern (Protagonist), Best Supporting Actress for Squibb (His fantastic wife with some superb one liners), and Best Original Screenplay. It’s a fantastic story of Woody Grant (Amazing Bruce Dern) who gets a spam mailer that he had won a Million $ in a sweepstake (Magazine Subscription), his whole family knows that’s it isn’t true but he is somehow hell bent on going to Lincoln (Nebraska) to claim the prize. One fine day he sets up on foot from Montana, that’s how the movie starts and it indeed keeps getting better and better leading to a fundoo finale which left a lump in my throat and a permanent smile plastered on my face – together. The Father and Son set off for a long road trip to Nebraska and what all they go through like visiting their home town with friends, relatives and long lost neighbors – it’s hilarious as well as heartening to see the old man taking a journey down the memory lane. Unfortunately they just can’t keep the big secret and before they even realize the whole town knows of their winning – how the equation changes between relatives, cousins and even friends is something you’ve got to watch the movie for. It was too good to see the family Father, Mother and Two Sons finally getting together and trying to make the record straight one last time is too good to see. Especially the one O one moments between all of them is the best part of the movie. I never imagined that it will take that kind of a turn and how it becomes an amazing roller coaster of a ride. What they win in the end is totally outstanding – I will say it was way better than the $ Million prize money. That one last scene will be etched forever in my memory. It almost became one of those movies which will never be forgotten and I will definitely give it a damn good 4.5/5 with two thumbs up rating and a must must watch recommendation for all. Not to be missed by anyone.

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