Friday, February 14, 2014

Old Boy (2013) - Thriller

Another addition to the list of movies which should have never got made in the first place – this is a classic example for makers of “What not to do while making a movie”, let alone remaking a classic. Unfortunately it’s a remake of one of the most loved Korean movie of the same name – which happens to be one of my all time favorite movie. It makes me doubly glad to say that in comparison to this version our own Indian “Zinda” looks way too good, imagine - this one is that bad. They have actually raped the script / idea / premise in a royal way and this one will be remembered as the worst movie of Josh Brolin and Samuel L Jackson’s career for sure. There is no connect whatsoever with any of the characters – dunno what they tried making, 15 minutes into the movie the movie and I knew it that it isn’t going anywhere. The less said about the villain the better – oh my god – what a tragedy of a guy they have picked up for this one. And I just read that while Christian Bale was reportedly in talks to portray the antagonist character, but it was later reported that Colin Firth had been offered the role. Firth later passed on the role, which was later offered to Clive Owen, In May 2012, Sharlto Copley had officially been cast as the villain. I will definitely rate it 1/5 for somewhat different and pleasant ending but it’s too painful reach the ending, skip it any cost rather pick up the original and enjoy it.

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