Saturday, February 01, 2014

Behind The Candelabra (2013) - Drama / Biography

Another fantastic Steven Soderbergh movie (Biography) based on the last ten years in the life of renowned Pianist Valentino Liberace – unfortunately I had no idea about this guy but what an amazing character he was at least as per his secret lover cum chauffer Scott Thorson’s Book on which the movie is based. Two of the best guys from Hollywood who I could never imagine to play these gay characters that too with that ease in style – simply mind blowing is the way they pulled off those characters. Michael Douglas is simply fantastic in the lead role of the charismatic Pianist – you’ve got to watch out for his body language, stage performances, attires, lavish life style and his chemistry with his partner Scott Thorson (Fantabulous Matt Damon) in a never seen / dreamed character ever. How they meet and hit it off is one heck of a joy ride, I was totally in love with the Liberace character but as soon as Scott walks in the movie – my loyalty shifted since he claims to be a Bi-sexual (Wink Wink). Check out Matt Damon’s amazing looks – I guess he has never looked that amazing ever in any of his earlier movies, I simply adored his hair style of all – I wish I could keep my crop like that. Their chemistry is simply outstanding – never goes overboard, its damn smooth as long as it lasts. The movie right from the very start till almost the very end is hilarious and you will definitely love the presence of mind as well as the great sense of humor of its characters. What shocked me is that the movie was premiered on HBO and got very limited release. I will definitely give it a good 4/5 with a two thumbs up recommendation. Even otherwise it’s a great fun watch and is fantastic fun, do not miss it.

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